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To be the best barristers’ List, providing access to exceptional legal representation.


Svenson Barristers is a List of over 200 barristers and mediators, most of whom are practising members of the Victorian Bar.  In addition to this we do have some interstate members to accept briefs in Victoria as well as their home states.  We are a generalist List, meaning that our barristers individually practice across a vast array of areas of law.  Our List was established in 1963 as ‘List S’ and has undergone significant transformation since this time.  Our List is led by Director and Principal Clerk, Anna Svenson, who is a qualified lawyer.


List S was established in 1963 as a new Barristers’ List under the leadership of Ken Spurr. Following Spurr’s retirement the list was known as Gordon & Jackson Barristers Clerks. Anna Svenson became the first female to lead the Clerk’s Office in November 2016.  In 2017, Svenson Barristers became the new identity for the clerking office, celebrating the ‘List S’ identity once more.

We are a progressive and innovative List.  Whilst we appreciate and respect tradition, we embrace new initiatives and ideas to ensure that we are staying in tune with the ever changing market demands.


Our List Committee are elected by the Barristers on the List each year to represent the List and work with the the Clerk on List matters.  Our List Chair is Nik Dragojlovic.




Our List is proud of the strong and growing wealth of women Barristers on our List.  We are a signatory of the Law Council of Australia ‘National Model Gender Equitable Briefing Policy’ and passionately believe in gender equality at the Victorian Bar and beyond.  If you are looking to start briefing some new female counsel please speak to one of our Barristers Clerks for recommendations.


Many of our Barristers are also trained Mediators and Arbitrators who are specialists in assisting parties resolve conflict.  Resolving legal matters by alternative resolution methods can save parties unnecessary cost, stress and time by avoiding the need to go to Court.  Barristers make excellent mediators due to their high level of advocacy and communication skills.  Please scroll through our list of approved and accredited Mediators and Arbitrators below.


03 9225 7333


C/O Owen Dixon Chambers

205 William Street

Melbourne Vic 3000

DX 94


Room 3, Upper Ground Floor

Owen Dixon Chambers West

525 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne Vic 3000