Bar Roll – 2013   
Admitted – 2013

Date Appointed Silk – 03 November 2022

Mobile – 0431 124 986
Email – eleanormallett@vicbar.com.au


Bar Roll – 2013   
Admitted – 2013

Date Appointed Silk – 03 November 2022

Mobile – 0431 124 986
Email – eleanormallett@vicbar.com.au

Admitted to practice in

  • Victoria

Area of Law

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Children’s Court
  • Crimes/Family Violence/Interv. Orders
  • Family Law (Including Defacto)
  • Mediation
  • Probate/Wills/Family Provision


Eleanor Mallett has been a barrister since 1998. Eleanor has substantial experience and considerable passion for her work in Family Law and Children’s Law matters. She has worked in both fields in the UK and Australia and has appeared in cases involving the full range of these areas, but has particular experience in complex matters involving children. Since joining the Victorian Bar in 2013 Eleanor has accepted briefs at all stages of Family Law and Children’s Law matters.

Eleanor is briefed in cases involving:

• Significant physical, emotional and sexual abuse of children;

• Family violence with representation of both alleged perpetrators those subjected to it;

• Complex medical conditions including serious mental health conditions: specific experience with cases involving Factitious/Induced Illness Disorder; Bi-polar, complex personalities and Schizophrenia;

• Drug abuse, including illicit drugs and abuse of prescription medication and alcohol;

• Alienation and false allegations;

• Relocation both interstate and international including Hague Convention;

• Interplay and overlap between the Family Law and Children’s Court jurisdictions;

• Property law settlements.

Eleanor believes strongly in a holistic approach and welcomes being involved in matters from an early stage. She is an exceptional courtroom advocate with an emphasis on thorough preparation and a passion for cross examination. She has extensive courtroom trial experience and experience in appeals.

Her qualifications and experience in family dispute resolution inform her negotiation and work outside the courtroom. She also practices as an FDRP (and can issue s60I Certificates) and this has reinforced the benefits of well negotiated outcomes especially with regard to their longevity, positive effect on future co-parenting relationship and the reduced costs: financial, emotional and in time.

Eleanor works hard to establish good client rapport and advise clients from an early stage of the likely challenges involved in their matter. She believes that robust advice in the early stages is beneficial to clients. Her style combines directness with warmth and compassion and a good sense of humour. Eleanor strives to assist clients with feeling heard and supported throughout the litigation process.

Some recent reported cases that Eleanor has been involved in include:

Covington & Covington & Anor [2021]HCASL 179 M25/2021

Covington & Covington [2021] FamCAFC 52

Covington & Covington (No.3) [2021] FamCA 198

Covington & Covington (No.2) [2021] FamCA 24

Covington & Covington [2020] FamCA 1064

State Central Authority & Del Rosario [2019] FamCA 607 (14 August 2019)

Mackay & Carsten & Anor [2018] FCCA 2947 (19 October 2018)


Outside of the law Eleanor enjoys gardening, food and family – preferably all together!